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Tell only what you want people to know

Keep what they cant handle to yourself

Whatever you want it to be...
Sorry *Friends Only* If you would like (after reading all the warnings & notes below) comment and I will add you.... Also check out my community killer_minds

Dane Cook is Hilarious Love

Please Note: I am a very open person in this journal...I might say stuff that may offend you....but hey this is my journal! I do enjoy reading comments just like I am sure everyone else does to...Plz be nice...but no I wont cut you for voicing your own opinion...However I will be nice when I leave comments for you...Also I am anti-myspace.com If you have one that is totally cool....Its just I dont have one...Sorry its just not my thing...But I do have a Vox...Feel free to add me to your neighborhood. My name on there is LiquidFears99 also...

I cuss ALOT!
I talk about drugs...
I talk about cutting...
I talk about dying...
I talk about all kinds of different shit...
Do NOT add me if this offends you...Cuz trust me it will keep happening...

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