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Sorry Guys,

I changed my journal to friends only...If you would like comment and I will add you...

Thanks & Sorry,

Please Note: I am a very open person in this journal...I might say stuff that may offend you....but hey this is my journal!

I cuss ALOT!
I talk about drugs SOME.
I talk about cutting...
I talk about dying...
I talk about all kinds of shit...
Do NOT add me if this offends you...Cuz trust me it will keep happening...


Good idea.

You guys have no idea what you're missing! Some craaaazy stuff going on in this journal, too bad you can't see. Oh snap!

Did you see that? No, you didn't, because this shit is friends only, bitch!



Ha. You are so funny!!!


4 U My Friend

Hey! Check out VampireFreaks.com .... I think you will like it....


Re: 4 U My Friend

Sure will....Thanks


i like your friends only sign :)
I like your friends only pic, too. :-) bds ftw!
Thanks :)
added you
added you back :)

Response to the anonymous

The same thing happens to me with anxiety attacks. Though some things can happen to cause the episodes, a majority of the time it's just random. I take no medication for it. As far as most people know, I am just fine. The only reason I haven't cut recently is because of the relationship I am in... Because there has been a few times where I really would have laid into myself.

Mind if I add you to friends?


Re: Response to the anonymous

People think I am normal too...

Sure Ill add you back.
Since you seemed to like the dumbass stereotypes, mind adding me? None of the above offends me, and you'd find all that on mine or my myspace. BTW:How did you come across me?



I have a paid account so I randomly find journals and check them out. Hope you dont mind. :)

Sure I'll add yah :)

Adding you

Thanks for the comment, I am adding you, and I do hope to stay this time. I am older now and ready to talk about things. also if you haven't seen or run accross this community letters_2_you I think that it has a cool concept. I definately have a few hundred letters that I never wrote or sent to people....

Re: Adding you

I added you back. I would love to read more about you...

I will check out the letters community. I havent ever heard of it...thanks for sharing.

Re: Adding you

Once again sorry about the icon...i will be deleting it...
It's sincerely_she.
'Tis my new LJ.
Addles? xox
Glad you like the banner. Friends perhaps?





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July 2006

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